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You have completed the Managers training or User Training, and are you still receiving the message to do the training?

In this article, we'll explain the possible reasons you're still getting these messages.


To complete the training, it is necessary to take the Mini-Quiz after attending all classes.

You must obtain a score equal to or higher than 80 for the certificate to be sent to your e-mail and for you to stop receiving this newsletter.

How to solve: Retake the test and score.

Different certificates

How to solve it: It is necessary to make sure that the training that matches the hierarchy of your profile has been carried out:

Administrators and supervisors need to do the Contele Field Team Manager Training (Click here).
Users (external team) need to do the Contele Field Team APP Training (Click here).

Use of personal email

It is necessary to use the e-mail address of the Contele Field Team Manager to complete the Mini Questionnaire. Why?

Because the system identifies the email and verifies whether or not this email took the training.

For this reason, you must fill in the Mini Questionnaire with the same email address you use in the Contele Field Team Manager or Contele Field Team APP.

How to solve: Redo the questionnaire with the system email.

I followed the steps above, but I keep getting notifications

If you continue to receive this notification, please make sure you have cleared your cache and if it doesn't, please contact us via chat.

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