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Some customers ask us why there is no function that Blocks the Use of the APP After a Certain Time.

For example, a company wants an employee not to Check-out Visits after 6 pm, so it would be easier to block the use of the APP, right?

In our understanding, this is not the safest thing to do.

Basically, if you have a function that blocks the use of the APP after a certain amount of time, it can become a weapon against the company.

The employee may claim that he worked out of hours, but did not register his work because the tool did not allow.

Also: how could the company argue that it does not record the activities of an outside employee if everything was recorded during the day?

In addition, if the APP is blocked after a certain period of time, the company will not know that the employee was working without authorization, and will not be able to impose the administrative measures applicable to the employee.

''So how can I prevent my employee from using the APP outside of working hours?''

We understand that the best solution in these cases is the creation of a work procedure, which would be a company norm/rule that prohibits working overtime without prior authorization.

After creating this procedure, just collect the signature of all Users, informing that they know the company's rules and, if the rules are not respected, the User will be notified.

This procedure must be accessible to everyone.

We can even put this procedure in your company's Contele Field Team Manager app!

If you don't know how to do it, ask in the chat that we will help you!

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