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Work Day

The Business Day in Contele Field Team Manager is calculated by the First Check-in and Last Check-out of the User on the day.

Accessing Reports > Working Hours, it is possible to view the list of Users, with the balance of Hours and Total Workday.

Workday Settings

First, you need to configure Workday. To do this, click on the "Settings" button at the top of the screen.

On this screen, you can configure trips, holidays and licenses.

Configure Journey

In the Set Business Day tab, you can select a specific User or All Users, which will use the Business Day being created.

Also, you can configure Name, Weekdays, Period and Interval Time.

The system displays a Journey Summary, informing you of the Monthly Journey being created.

The monthly journey is calculated as follows:

8 hours day X 5 days week = 40 hours, Saturday: 4 hours
Total weekly hours: 40 + 4 = 44 weekly hours
44 hours / week x 4 weeks = 176 hours / month

Example of working day configuration

In the system, the month has 4 weeks, according to the business year
At the bottom of the screen you can see the list of Business Days created.


On the Holidays tab, you can also select a specific user or All Users to assign them one or more holidays.

Choose a name for your holiday, the type of holiday and select the day.

You can also search at the bottom of the screen for holidays already registered in the system and assign them to your Users.


Finally, on the Allowances tab, you can select a specific User or All Users, to add one or more Allowances.

After selecting a user, give the Abono a name, enter a date and add a description.

At the bottom of the screen you will have access to all registered licenses.

Working Hours Report

With Workday created, you will be able to get a report from your team.

Understand the Workday Report filters

Period: Select the period ( MONTH ) in which the Working Hours Report will be generated;
User: See All Users or select a desired one;
Tags: Use to filter users by tags; Learn More.
Journey Name: Choose the desired Journey, which was created earlier.

With the filters selected, the results will appear on the screen, separated by columns:

Employer's name;
Trip Name;
First Check-in: Check-in for the First Visit of the day;
Last Check-out: Check-out of the last visit of the day;
Balance: Balance of the final hour, considering the Total Trip;
Total Trip: The total hours of the configured trip;

How to export the Journey Report?

There are 2 ways to export Journey data:

Exporting All Users Summary: In the Workday Report view, click the Export button located at the top right of the Report.
Export the data of a single User: Click on the desired User and then on the Export button, located in the upper right corner of the Report.

Important: The report will always be exported in the period used in the filter.

The data present in the worksheets are User ID, Name, Trip Name, Exceptions, Date, First Check-in and Last Check-out, Trip Total and Balance.

Does your company really need a Point of Presence?

We know that many companies still have questions about time attendance.

One issue that we suggest is that the company that has an external team, can exempt its employees from the issue (Article 62 of the CLT), and should keep our records for control only if eventually an employee requests it over time.

With the use of Contele Field Team Manager, the first check-in and the last checkout of the day can support any unfair or improper claim.

We are not going to talk about the need for monthly points control, as CLT allows exemptions.

Our records can be used in a ​​labor lawsuit and are legally binding.

To help you, we have separated these contents that deal with the subject and we will certainly take all your doubts away.

Control of your external team's working hours and hours: learn about the latest labor legislation
Part 2: The Teletrabalhador

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