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The actions below must be performed on Android and Windows.

In 2019, by presidential decree, daylight saving time was revoked in Brazil. Source: g1 / Horario_Verao

Many software and operating systems still do not update time zone settings correctly and this can cause difficulties in using the system.

On the device, check that the time zone set is "Brasilia, -03:00 NO daylight saving time"

If "Brasilia, -02:00 DST" is being displayed, you may have difficulty using the system.

Avoid setting your phone's time manually. A tip is to adopt the standard (GMT-3:00) Salvador or Bahia on your device, as this state was not covered by the law that applies daylight saving time in Brazil

External links to help make changes to Android and Windows if needed.



If you are unable to update Windows: Learn how to disable daylight saving time in Windows

Note: Only users who would be on daylight saving time should be having difficulties.

Why is time setting important?

As with banking applications and other financial transactions, the Contele Field Team Manager application needs the correct time (updated by the cell phone network) for token authentication, which guarantees information security and identifies who the user is to our servers. using the system.

This information is necessary to authenticate the user's login and guarantee the authenticity of the usage and transferred data.

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